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Alantic Glo Pre FW 19 Bomber Jackets

Alantic Glo is a London based high fashion clothing brand founded by 22 year old creative director Vwanganji Mulwanda. The Alantic Glo brand began with a passion for creating an identity for creating experiences through clothing, Alantic representing the idea of a Utopian connotation to the brand and Glo representing a bright and vibrant and powerful identity, evident in the brand's signature colour of yellow.

Vwanganji Mulwanda aims to give the fashion world a new perspective of beauty we discover once found, whether that's in ourselves, a person or place. Alantic Glo is all about creating a visual and tangible experience to their consumers and being a vessel of inspiration inclusivity through fashion, expression and the beauty behind the brands rejuvenated ethos. Read our story about the brand for more information on New Wave Magazine Issue IV.

Alantic Glo have recently released a key piece of their FW19 collection. The Alantic Glo bomber jacket is the first garment piece available for pre order this fall/winter. Made in the UK from 92% polyester, 8% polyamide it is a comfortable and exuberant pieces for the winter season. Polyester padding and lining with under yellow 'Glo' panelling under the arm to add a bespoke Alantic Glo element to the garment. Detachable faux fur collar with ribbed cuffs and hem give the jacket a changeable aesthetic for the preference of the user. Two front slanted stud fastening pockets and left sleeve zip pocket with yellow panel detailing.

The Alantic Glo Bomber Jacket is the first look into the new direction of the brand, coming from Logo print T shirts to a more involved garment with tailoring and amendments. You can purchase the bamber jacket now at the Alantic Glo online store here.

Pre-orders for the Alantic Glo bomber jacket are exclusively limited and available from the 19th December - 9th January before orders are processed and shipped.

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