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Akemi Fox - Lemon Tea

Manchester’s Akemi Fox Serves Up “Lemon Tea” In Her Latest Offering. The northern songbird unveils her soulful new track. Produced by Teo - her musical partner - who supplies a subdued yet sultry composition characterised by a twinkling piano composition, layered with sizzling-snare hits.  The track is enriched by Fox’s velvety vocals, as she lays down an enchanting serenade to her better-half, who she refers to as her “Lemon Tea”. The track features some pretty expressive croons from the songstress like, “Hold on to me, hold on to me, I’ll colour you in and deep into the creases in your skin.” Or “your my lemon tea, your all I need in me, you got the right ideas will you hold on to me.”  This song is definitely one to add to your chill playlist!  Stream Lemon Tea below and on all platforms...

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