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A3 Design Studio Enhances Community Through Art & History

Words by Yianina Small

Based in Barbados, A3 Design Studio was founded by contemporary artists Alanis Forde, Akilah Watts and Anna Gibson in order to enhance their community with quality artworks while preserving the cultural history.

Alanis Forde focuses primarily on expressionistic realism portraiture with oil paint and collage, while Akilah Watts uses numerous mediums to touch on issues such as race, culture and beauty. Anna Gibson also uses different mediums to depict images of body manipulation through realism and expressionism.

These three talented artists brought their individual skills together to create A3 Design Studio, specialising in large murals on walls in various locations. Based in Bridgetown, the countries capital, they have adorned walls with brightly coloured murals showcasing wildlife, people, and aspects of the culture. However, they do not limit themselves to outdoor painting but also offer their services within indoor settings such as domestic homes. The artists have created beautiful artworks on walls inside homes, as well as doors and pieces of furniture. In addition, they provide 2D renderings for set design, painting backdrops and props for musical, theatrical and television sets. Other areas include airports and primary/secondary schools, with the latter promoting learning and anti-bullying.

The paintings themselves use a strong colour palette, with predominantly vibrant colours. With their abundance of experience in realism painting, it’s no surprise to see the level of detail used. They alternate between broad brush strokes and fine lines to achieve remarkable results.

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