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11:5 Is A Chilling Debut Single By Iman Lake

Iman Lake is a conceptual music artist that creates vivid soundscapes through his compelling lyrics and unique delivery. He achieves this by fusing elements of different genres such as RnB, Hip-Hop Indie-Pop and Electronic music.

The son of a pastor, Iman grew up in the sprawling urban complex of East London. His upbringing provided him with a unique vantage point into both worlds of virtue and vice. With these themes playing a key role in his artistic outlook. His experience in the matters of love and heartbreak also play roles in Lake’s music as he glides over beats with an ethereal and genre-defying style.

After a string of performances around the city of london, Iman presents himself to the world with his new cryptic single titled 11:5. The introduction to the video below is an eerie sample over a stuttering drum loop as Iman croons over the instrumental in a sedative manner. As the ambience of the record 11:5 builds, Iman meets the listener with metaphorical lyrics with an abstract structure. However, the melody in the chorus is an infectious sound that ties the song in an elaborate bow, digestible to the average listener.

While listening to the record some may give the critique of the song being a little too Indefinite, which may take a little away from their overall attachment to the song, similar to the sonic aesthetics of artists such as FKA Twigs and James Blake. However it is with not doubt that Iman Lake's vocal tones and and sound spaces are of a high order, accompanied by visuals from talented Director/Visual Artist Azeez Bello.

As a member of rising creative collective 'Common Roots', we look forward to what the 23 year old singer/songwriter has in store. Listen to 11:5 and comment below!

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