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Justin Bieber Returns With New Single “Yummy”!

Justin Bieber returns with RNB inspired single, “Yummy”. Justin has kept a low-key approach from 2015 and has been in the media more for his personal life than his music! We were all surprise after hearing about Justin Bieber’s marriage to his wife, the former Hailey Baldwin. It seems like Justin was waiting for 2020 to make his big return as he releases “Yummy” this week! Justin sings, “Yeah, you got that yummy yum, that yummy yum, that yummy yummy”. Justin is very vocal about his love for Hailey and projects this throughout his new single. The hashtag #BIEBER2020 has been used during the lead up to New Years on Bieber’s Instagram. Justin eventually shares not only a new single but hints to a new album, tour and docu-series. After nearly 5 years without a studio album, Justin is ready to give the fans what they have been waiting for. Check out the new single below!

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