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Vic Santoro Unveils His Introspective EP ‘Pain: Glory Days Pt.1’

The EP opens with the track ‘Therapy’ where he spreads the message of remaining positive even through your dark days. As the EP unravels, there are moments where we catch glimpses of his vocal ability with a light touch of autotune. This allows Santoro enough room to further express his creativity through different tones and melodies. The second track ‘Heal My Soul’ is a more upbeat offering compared to the opening track, nonetheless Vic adopts a different flow that is laid back, akin to the rap geniuses of our time. It neatly segways into the track ‘Gaps’ which mirrors a similar vibe in terms of production but Santoro uses it as an opportunity to share another layer of his experiences with us as he details his past run-ins with the law. ‘Outcome’ sees him moving away from this life and shortly after we land on the closing track ‘Reinvented’. Previously released as a single, the track is all about allowing yourself to let go of the past and look to the future by reinventing yourself. Production wise, the project moves from his mellow trap influences to the fast paced elements of drill which gives the MC room to demonstrate his creativity in how he chooses to share his message.

The five track EP is Vic’s open open-book testimony of how he has turned his life around for the better. It is soul-bearing yet triumphant as he reflects on the lessons he has learned from his past while also celebrating the new beginnings he is stepping into. Sharing his thoughts on the EP, Santoro says: “class myself as a Channeller instead of a rapper because when I write lyrics the words don't come from my mind; they come from my soul… The chapter is titled ‘Pain’ because the content in every song is dialogues that I can only have through music, it’s made up of my deepest thoughts.”

The South London-hailed rapper tuned into his creativity during his teenage years through reading and reciting poetry. He delved deeper into the works of Tupac Shakur and this influence is evident across Santoro’s musical discography. This EP is the first instalment of a three part release, with plans to deliver over 100 songs that he has recorded over the past few years we are looking forward to hearing more of what Santoro has to say.

Stream Glory Days Pt.1 below:

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