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Uplifting His Community And Inspiring The Next Generation: AKS Raises The Bar With "Parity"

Parity: "The state or condition of being equal, especially as regards status or pay."

Raising a child is enough of a challenge as it is without all the other aspects of life, work and finding inner peace in this crazy world, but AKS is giving everything he has so that his son sees 'some parity'.

You'd have to be living under a rock these last few weeks if you haven't noticed or heard of "Parity", the newest track by the multi-talented artist and producer known as AKS who brings truth and genuine passion to everything he sets his mind to.

AKS, also known as #3Letters (when he produces), delivers yet another well-thought-out and executed record, following "Up & Up: Heavens Above" his last single tracing the journey towards the release of his upcoming project "As Plane as Day: Departures & Arrivals".

The accompanying visuals (directed, acted out and edited by AKS) and its production are optimistic and positive in message. The tune is deeply soulful, blending lo-fi beats, spoken word, silky keys and a conscious effort to spread a message of hope. The track is built upon the efforts of keyboardist Charlie Stacey (Yussef Dayes), the guitars of Adrian Remedy (Ed Sheeran), the bass of Benjamin Muralt (Pixie Lott, Camille) and of course the overall vision of AKS himself.

The video sees AKS spending precious time with his son, heartwarmingly building him up and cherishing those memories on the beach, on holiday; away from all the worries of the busy city life.

AKS comments that the track was “born out of conversations I was having with other parents about the hopes and dreams that they had for their kids and the struggles they had with their own parents. More and more, I realised that many of the choices that we’re making as parents are the same choices that our own parents were faced with, and try as we might to step with our best foot forward and usher in a world that we’d be happy for our children to inherit, some of those aspirations don’t come to fruition. We’re all learning on the job. Still, we pour out our best for them”.

In a way, AKS is not only trying to set an example for his son but for anyone who's touched by his message. "Parity" echoes a much-needed story of self-empowerment and delivers another facet of UK Hip Hop as an art form. AKS also acknowledged on social media that 'from an idea' he brought this track to life. From designing the artwork, to organising the teams around its delivery, even to doing his own press! He's managed to bring his love of music to other countries as well, with "Parity" being featured in French press as well as gaining radio spins in the USA.

Here at New Wave Magazine, we are keeping a close eye on what AKS does next. We know there is a lot more in store for this inspirational artist.

Stream "Parity" now.