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The London Short Film Festival: Visitor's Guide

The London Short Film Festival (LSFF) is an annual celebration of highly regarded short films. Founded in 2003, the festival has been pushing the mark celebrating filmmakers, visual artists, and creatives from the UK and beyond.

Every January, LSFF welcomes guests to revel in the independent productions and witness the new and upcoming creative voices from across the world. From 14-23 January 2022, there will be over 600 short films are on offer, ensuring that there is a film for everyone .

This year’s slogan, ‘What Golden Joys Do We Need Now’ celebrates the collective creativity and working of numerous filmmakers, as represented in the festival’s ethos. The festival is taking place in screening venues across London so there is bound to be a film to see near you.

Some shows to look out for include:

New Shorts: There Was A Factory – 18/01/22 6.20 pm at Curzon Soho

There’s an arresting tenderness to these films that flies in the face of conventional portrayals of labour. There’s dance to be found in the brutal angles of a dockyard, outlandish characters at an abandoned lido, and defiance in the face of gentrification.

Image: Look At Us, Hussina Raja, 2021

TA P E Collective Presents Black Country: Black Regionality on Film – 20/01/22 7 pm, Four Corners

A celebration of Black regionality through still and moving images, exploring the exterior and interior lives and sense of belonging as experienced by Black Britons beyond London.

Image: West Indian Carnival in Leeds, Archive, 1980

T A P E Collective presents Nolly Nights 22/01/22 8 pm, Peckham Levels

Launching at LSFF 2022, T A P E presents Nolly Nights, a new monthly all-out celebration of Nollywood with classic titles forming part of a live Naija party.

In addition to the numerous films on show, T A P E Collective collaborated with numerous groups such as UNDR LDN, Invisible Women, and Apne Film to bring special events targeted at underrepresented groups and their communities to improve access to films and to develop skills in film production and narration. These special events include workshops, panels, and discussions.

Be sure to check out one of the outstanding films and attend the special events on offer during the London Short Film Festival. See the amazing trailer below and buy tickets HERE!