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Feather Pendants: The Deep Marble Capsule Of 2021

Feather Pendants, a street-raised jewellery company created in London, unveils an experimental 2021 entry by launching the deep Marble Capsule. Using the structure of its famous resin cuban chains, reimagined with fine grains and unique elegance, the unconventional jewellers highlight the provocative and convincing nature of marble.

Feather Pendants offers a generous offering of six variations of resin chains from the Marble Capsule, which are also combined with bracelets and finished with conventional bright, polished clasps. Each resin cuban has irregular vein patterns that offer each piece a distinctive character, scripting a taste of playful luxury.

The Marble Capsule derives its inspiration from ancient architecture, sculpture and elegant exteriors.

For its unparalleled elegance, the Romans and Greeks used marble. This has been translated by Feather Pendants

Adorable marble pattern into a wearable jewellery piece that blends the commonly known Cuban chain

With the history of old architecture.

Feather Pendants is an independent label for jewellery that spearheads contemporary fashion and street luxury.

To make timeless jewellery designs, the combination of elements from music, art and fashion is used!

Housed in Hatton Gardens, London's jewellery district, FP has pioneered a firm group of creatives,

Musicians and lovers of style from around the globe. A bedroom brand turned global achieving over 10

stockists worldwide including Asia and Europe.

Born to fill a void in the demand for affordable accessories, FP has continued to increase its success with

Every release is embedded in their brand ethos with this phase of quality improvement they have

On instagram, an applaudable group of style, amassed a worldwide presence of over 30,000 followers

Enthusiasts and imaginative new genes from all ethnic groups joined to form the family tree of the FP.

Written By Adena Gordon

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