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Teni is Taking ‘No Days Off’ on New Anthem

Following numerous teases and captivating dance moves spread across the internet for the past month or so, we can officially state that the wait is finally over as Nigerian rising star Teni unveils her most anticipated anthem yet ‘No Days Off’. First revealed on March 30th via. her social media profiles, Teni made use of her current busy life to personify what appeared to be an unreleased banger destined for a million replays. A few Tik-Tok challenges and a release-date announcement later, and Teni has once again blessed our ears with a timeless tune to be added into her impressive music catalogue.

To understand Teni’s come up, this would take us to arguably one of her biggest singles ‘Case’ that was released in 2018. Fairly known for being Niniola’s younger sister, this song alone placed her on top of the map and made proof of an exceptional family that breeds pure talent. The starlet didn’t just stop there, as she kept releasing singles after singles until 2021, when she revealed her groundbreaking debut album ‘WONDALAND’ and stunted the world with a unique voice and a versatile sound. Perhaps a song that could have been a hint to the start of a new era, ‘Maitama (Going)’ featuring Mayorkun, Ch’cco and the late Costa Titch, showed that Teni is not afraid to experiment around and widen her reach. ‘No Days Off’ is no different, letting everyone know that her growth and success is a direct result of her hard work.

In reference to her new release, Teni shares;

"'No Days Off' was made everywhere in the world - that's why it really is called, ‘No Days Off’. It was made in Lagos, it was made in LA, some parts of it were also made in Cape Town.” she adds, “I love this song, it means so much to me and I know you guys are also going to find your meaning to it."

No Days Off

Right from the beginning, one is amused by the unique introduction of ‘No Days Off’ that feels reminiscent to the early days of the internet as a user would play around with a dubstep program. First came across the beat while a friend was playing it to her on the road, this sound instantly caught Teni’s attention, leaving the early take with one of her hardest freestyle yet. As the true perfectionist she is, this unfinished song was revisited and completed while travelling from one city to another.

Making a clever reference to her favourite sport, on her first line, Teni sings; “I be shooting hoops on the court with no days off”, a play of words to both her work ethic and talent as a basketball fanatic. Teni follows with a few shoutouts to her “Day ones”, just to finish off with this powerful line; “You know I put my life on the line and it paid off”. Accompanied by a joyful and energetic beat, these lyrics alone may sound fun and cool; however, the overall message that Teni is trying to portray is drenching, retelling a life full of hard work, adventure and sacrifices.

Moreover, Teni has no problem calling people out for their wrong doings when she says; “B**** A** N**** wanna talk about s*** don’t know about (Shut up!) / I’m bout that life / is you about that life?”. While putting people who owe her in their place and checking others who are sending shots, Teni is able to retell her adventurous journey in a funny manner that will make you laugh and respect her for standing on her ground.

From her delivery alone, it is hard not to compare Teni to the likes of a Missy Elliot in her prime, as she gives off a similar energy and vibe that just makes you want to join her universe and dance along.


Teni’s joie de vivre mixed with her punching lyrics is a delight served on a silver platter. Evidently, ‘No Days Off’ is a much more upbeat side to the ‘Case’ singer that we’re not so used to seeing. Regardless of the odds, Teni proved once again that she’s capable of making any sound she touches her own, urging her listeners to an eclectic dancefloor. Her message here is straightforward and doesn’t leave much room for interpretation; she did it all, in a short period of time, by working incredibly hard on her way to the top. After just the first listen, one may ask; Is there anything Teni can not do?