• Daniella Francis

Sasha Keable Unveils Emotive Single “Exception”

Sasha Keable pours her heart out in her new single “Exception” sharing raw emotions through her touching lyrics and rich vocal tones. The emotion-filled ballad is based on a ponderous relationship between Sasha and her love interest, and even though she is hurt exceptions are reluctantly made! Sasha decorates the record with her wide vocal range, smooth riffs, and her mellifluous vocals. The songstress is baring all on “Exception” and mentions “Having a song like Exception made me realise how quickly things can change. I never intended for it to come across so naive, but it really does, I wasn’t hurting when I wrote it, but when it came to production I was hurting a lot, the meaning had changed for me, and that’s where the sadness and desperation came from.” Sasha shows vulnerability through her soulful voice and lyrical ability that helps translate her real, emotive experiences into a soul-stirring single. Watch the visuals for Sasha Keable’s new single “Exception” below!

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