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Sarah Diouf, Tongoro – Made In Africa

Written By Anisah Myers-Grey

Tongoro – Star in Sango

Tongoro was founded in 2016 by Sarah Diouf, a multitalented designer held in high regard within the African Fashion scene. Diouf's “playful and unique apparel” provides an ideology of the perfect Tongoro woman, she is described as an adventurous woman who enjoys travelling, leads a busy social life, open-minded and ultimately afraid of nothing!

As her brand grew, celebrities such as Beyonce fell in love with the brand's messaging and garments. The brand would later be on the radar of many other celebrities such as the iconic Naomi Campbell and multi-Grammy award winner Alicia Keys, previously seen wearing Tongoro face jewels.

When developing and representing Tongoro, Sarah Diouf honours her Motherland throughout her collections as well as naming her dresses from her ‘Africa Day 2020 Anniversary Collection’ after Senegalese cities and African neighbourhoods.

Throughout her collections, she works with a range of colours and prints inspired by symbols and a purely African aesthetic. She sources her fabrics from local markets from Dakar, paving a path for Tongoro to succeed in, making it a priority that “Made in Africa” is perceived Worldwide. Most importantly, any admirer of Sarah Diouf must recognise how she pushes the idea of her craftsmen to receive the recognition they deserve.

Achieving great success as a creative individual within the Fashion industry, she is very hands-on and active when it comes to everything behind the scenes, for example, social media platforms, hairstyling, makeup artist, designer and creative direction as she explains,

“You have to do everything; I think multitasking is the key to success.”

The Tongoro brand has inspired many, due to the fine detailing of her stunning prints, fabrics and the impressive usage of elongated materials used on the arms and legs. Owning a piece, you become that Tongoro woman who is carrying a piece of the Senegalese culture within you and connecting it globally.

The dedication and passion Sarah Diouf has invested into her brand overtime is considerably inspiring. An inspirational storytelling brand with a desire to create and share.

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