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Samm Henshaw goes for Afro-twist in New Single ‘Jumoke’

Hailing from South London, surely Nigerian descent singer Samm Henshaw is someone we are all familiar with. Remember arguably his first charting hit song ‘Broke’ in 2018? Or perhaps his 2019 gospel anthem ‘Church’ featuring EARTHGANG? Well, after releasing his first album ‘Untidy Soul’ last year, Samm is back for some more and this time, in the form of Afro inspired music. ‘Jumoke’ is a heartfelt song here in celebration of love and Samm’s heritage. This comes right after collaborating with Kota the Friend for a summer song titled ‘Barcelona’ and Samm flexed his arm muscles showcasing his rapping skills.

In reflection of the single, Samm Henshaw shares;

"On October 6, 2022, we lost someone incredibly special, my Uncle Steve. He was a light in every room he entered, and he encouraged me to create songs celebrating our Nigerian heritage. 'Jumoke’ was born from his inspiration, but sadly, he passed away before hearing it. This release is dedicated to Steve, and the song's master will be owned by his four children. ''Jumoke’ is a celebration of African love and life in his honour."

To accompany his release, Samm Henshaw made it a mission to attend several Nigerian weddings and capture the essence of love between African partners. The retro effect, warm colours and close up shots placed emphasis on the intimacy but also, kept a bit of privacy to the newly-weds and their special day. Whilst travelling from one event to another, Samm also makes sure to film beautiful African attire and how one differs from the other. Known as a very prideful nation, it comes as no surprise that Nigerians take the time to express themselves in various colours and traditional attire on their wedding day.

‘Jumoke’ in itself makes use of simple instrumental and memorable lyrics to express one’s true love to a partner. A name of Yoruba origins that translates into ‘Everyone loves the child’, it can be understood as a symbol of unconditional love and to be celebrated by lovers. The magic is in the ensemble and Samm’s honest singing that gives out warmth and a feeling of comfort. When he says; “I dey pray for your smile in the morning / Listen out for your voice in the air”, one canreally hear the level of gratitude Samm has towards his muse.

This can be intepreted as an interesting twist on Samm Henshaw’s side, both forming a closer bond with his roots but also, spreading love to the world and reminding it to the people at a time when it is most needed. Whether it is the angle of honouring his heritage or simply celebrating love, we surely hope that Samm Henshaw continues to surprise us and keeps on sharing a positive light through music.