• Demi Bailey-Paul

Rowdy Rebel: The Come Back We've All Been Waiting For With New Single 'Jesse Owens'

Rowdy Rebel is back to reclaim his rightful spot in the rap game after a long awaited six year hiatus. There are always high expectations from rappers after they're gone for a long period of time, with many people waiting on the edge of their seat for you re-emerge with something 'different'. Rowdy Rebel however, in true Brooklyn fashion, has remained authentic to himself and true to his sound, no doubt, as he knows his die hard fans will always respect him for presenting the bona fide Rebel to the table. Rowdy coming back with a bang in 2021 is dirt of his shoulder, and we can see this in his new comeback track, featuring the vocal king himself, Nav, in their brand new collaboration "Jesse Owens" via Epic Records.

A collaboration we didn't see coming? Definitely, but who would have thought this was the first time these two have paired up. They managed to fuse their two musical styles together, by bringing elements of Brooklyn's rawness and Canada's synonymous chill vibes to make a perfect sound blend that feels natural. They tied this all together in a sneaker store and parking lot for the visual premiere last Friday, as they descend upon the Big Apple & LA, leaving us with one of the best, yet unexpected collaborations of 2021, so far. After dropping his first track after being released from prison with “Re Route,” teaming up with Funk Flex, this triumphant homecoming track is a great complimentary song to Rowdy Rebels discography.

A member of GS9 crew, alongside Bobby Shmurda, Fetty Luciano and Corey Finesse, Rowdy’s return to the spotlight will undoubtedly shake New York and the culture at large. On “Jesse Owens,” he's back to mastering hard hitting 808s with a commanding and confident flow, “Back in my zone and I’m focused, please don’t start no commotion.” In infamous NAV style, he pulls up with his slick guest spot before the hook takes off, “I ran up a bag so fast like I’m Jesse Owens.” Alongside Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel bulldozed a path for a new school East Coast rap renaissance, kicking down the doors for a flood of Brooklyn artists. Marking a full circle moment, he appeared on the late Pop Smoke’s “Make It Rain” from the chart-crushing multiplatinum Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon last year. Initially popping off in 2014, he also joined forces with Shmurda for a legendary remix of the multiplatinum “Hot *****” alongside Fabolous, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, and Yo Gotti. In 2016, his critically acclaimed breakthrough mixtape Shmoney Keeps Calling yielded the banger "Computers” [feat. Bobby Shmurda]".

Even though he went away for six years, he cast a long shadow over the game. Rowdy isn't just back, but he's back for good, with more music to come very soon. While we let Rowdy re-load, what's your current favourite track of Rowdy's at the moment and who would you love to see him collaborate with next? In the meantime you can stream Rowdy Rebel and Nav's brand new track "Jesse James" HERE on all streaming platforms.

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