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Rising Nigerian artist Bloody Civilian releases EP 'Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED'

The versatile artist has demonstrated her diverse talents in her latest endeavour, Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED. The emerging Nigerian talent took on the roles of writer, producer, and vocalist for the project, collaborating with an impressive lineup of artists from around the world, including Miraa May, ENNY, JELEEL!, Tay Iwar, and the Nigerian rap sensation ODUMODUBLVC.

Speaking on the project, Bloody says “ It’s been an honour to work with such spectacular artists from my country, UK & US and I’m very excited to be collaborating on my own release for the first time! “

The project blends the sub-genre Alté and the authentic Afro-beat sounds in a distinctive way, creatively emphasising the concept of remaining authentic to oneself despite prevailing traditions or cultural constraints.

Listen to Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED here