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Rachel Foxx Serves Moody Jazz Jam ‘Progress.’

East London songstress Rachel Foxx has graced us with her first entry of the decade, in the form of jazz-tinged single ‘Progress.’

Rachel Foxx’s voice projects a deep timbre, rich in textures and sombre tones. Which come through equally as lush and captivating, as the words and emotions she evokes with each line and verse.

Backed by an nuanced fusion of jazz, neo-soul and R&B that make up the instrumental. Foxx writes from a place of honesty and sincerity, as she shares the strength she has harnessed; which allows her to walk away from people and situations that aren’t the best for her. In this age of self-awareness and empowerment this song will truly resonate with you as the listener. “Progress is about building yourself up, looking after yourself, focusing on your mental health and cutting all the unhealthy stuff off, Foxx explains. “I say ‘we haven’t spoken not one time, but the pleasure is all mine’… because I don’t want to talk to you anyway! I’m reminiscing the love and good times, but also how many times I was taken for a fool, how many things I let slide, and how I am no longer that person. I am working on myself and how much I’ve grown.” 

Listen to Progress HERE and on alternative streaming platforms, it’s a stunner.

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