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Onur Releases Genre-Bending Pledge Of Self-Belief ‘WIRED’

First erupting onto the British music scene in 2018, London-born 23-year-old ONUR came to the party with a definite desire to push the envelope via his genre-bending brand of alternative R&B, garnering a huge fan base and developing himself strongly as an artist and producer in the process. Preferring to take full creative control, ONUR comfortably resides in the roles of singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, and is impressively self-sufficient on the majority of his releases. Upon listening to ONUR you can expect to find a concoction of broken beats, soulful chords and fuzzy guitars, which he layers over lo-fi dusty beats and tastefully chosen samples. Vocally ONUR hints at inspiration from the likes of Prince and Jackson but with a much more modern and loveable London bravado and edge.

His latest effort 'WIRED' mixed by XL's in-house engineer John Foyle (Sampha, FKA Twigs, Kali Uchis) and written and produced by ONUR himself is described by the young artist as a "pledge of self-belief". The track immediately catches the listeners attention with a bold vintage-sounding synth reminiscent of a Yamaha-CS80 sound that is perfectly paired with a heavily compressed beat, overdriven funky bass parts and background glitches. Cleverly taking the less is more approach, this track allows space for ONUR to show off his unique and nonchalant style of singing that is packed with attitude, swagger and orgininality. Check out the visuals to WIRED below:

Yeah it's such a scandal, all that satisfaction

More than one can handle, sleeping on your leisure

It's for my pleasure

And I'll walk away

Somewhere I can find a little piece of day

I made this song at a time when a lot of my ‘friends' started to resent me for the little success I started to make in music after working so hard to even get there. It’s a difficult situation to be in but I basically said f*** them and wrote an unapologetic song playing up to my ego, about the joy of seeing people hate me for no reason, hence, I’m WIRED” - ONUR

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