• Sophia Hill

North Carolina Rapper Mavi Shares His Enlightening 'End of the Earth' EP

The 21-year-old, mentee of Earl Sweatshirt and student of Neuroscience, has a hunger for knowledge that is unmatched by many rapper’s of his age, a polymath in his own right.

The North Carolina rapper has made tracks for a prosperous year ahead with the release of his latest EP titled End of the Earth. His verses not only portray his depth of knowledge and pensive thought, but also present an intricate level of dexterity.

As a student at Howard University, Mavi formed a student activist group HU resist, amid scandals in 2018. Just one example of his endeavours towards the betterment of the world around him – besides the illuminating messages within his music.

The five-track EP confronts the conjunctures of success and growth, along with all that comes in between. The rapper's latest release comes following his 2019 debut album Let The Sun Talk, described by Mavi as a vision for black liberation.

Check out the End of The Earth EP below.

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