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Nat Slater Connects With Ziezie In Sleek New Cut Titled “Pattern Up.”

“Pattern Up” poses a distinctive blend of nuanced hip-hop production, overarched by infectious guitar grooves. Upon listening it becomes clear that Nat has effortlessly extracted elements of those who have paved the way before her to apply to her artistry and create her own refreshing sound. A sound that hears her steer away from the norm’s of the popular and urban music of today. Which is enriched by her ability to draw on the emotions she feels or once felt while penning her raw and relatable lyricism.

Hoping to recapture the magic of her predecessor titled “Every Weekend,” the singer has gifted us to “Pattern Up.” Wearing her heart on her sleeve, the singer melodises over an invigoratingly self love-tinged ambience; underpinned by a lively instrumentation-filled backdrop. Atop, she lyrically illustrates her need to “pattern up” and move on from a toxic lover - a common revelation for many of us.

Later on, the singer is joined by ZieZie, who contributes an contagious verse, creating a surprisingly harmonious match.

Speaking on the track, Nat shares:

“Pattern Up is basically about realising that someone is treating you like shit and kinda telling yourself to fix yourself or pattern up and clock that you’re better than that. It’s about realising your self worth after not recognising yourself for a long time and finally snapping out of it.”

Watch the music video HERE!

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