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MiW!'s "Fagr Skjọldr" x Lucky Samurai: A Sartorial Valhalla

Photography by Hannah Guyer (@hannahguyer_)

In the labyrinthine heart of London's underground fashion scene, an electric anticipation filled the air on Saturday, June 29th, as Heavy Fusion HQ became the epicentre of a ground-breaking sartorial spectacle.


The much-anticipated launch of MiW!'s latest collection, "Fagr Skjọldr" (Norwegian for "The Beautiful Shield"), was nothing short of a transcendent experience. Norwegian-born designer and visionary, Mia Kjonerud, captivated the audience with a masterful fusion of gender-fluid designs and rich historical references, reimagining Viking heritage through an avant-garde lens.


Kjonerud’s collection is a daring dance of dichotomies, where the ancient meets the futuristic in a harmonious embrace. Traditional handcrafted metals and sumptuous fur, evoking images of ancient armour, were ingeniously interwoven with modern, tactile fabrics like sleek jerseys and delicate lace.

Photography by Hannah Guyer (@hannahguyer_)

The craftsmanship was impeccable; structural corsets and drop-waist dresses, evocative of Renaissance elegance, were elevated to contemporary chic with cross motifs and shimmering metallic accents. The palette—a brooding symphony of neutrals and deep burgundy—echoed the timeless sophistication of the collection, further enhanced by the artistic makeup creations of Jess Yung, Zhixi Zheng, and Caltheworld, with impeccable styling by Style by Princes.


The runway show, saw itself evolving into a multi-sensory extravaganza thanks to a collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Lucky Samurai and the always cutting-edge Aether Magazine. It was an immersive voyage through alternative fashion subcultures, where every element—from Alcaphone’s tattoo artistry to Moody Nails' striking press-on designs —contributed to the show's eclectic, rebellious spirit. The air was charged with the pulsating energy of live performances, featuring an eclectic lineup of artists including Shemyy, Lucky Samurai, Quvn, Killakawhi, and Norwegian sensations dūg and Ken Mathisen. Their dynamic sounds provided a hypnotic soundtrack, weaving a sonic arras that complemented the visual feast on display.

Photography by Hannah Guyer (@hannahguyer_)

MiW!'s "Fagr Skjọldr" collection is a testament to Kjonerud's visionary prowess, seamlessly blending the old with the new to create something wholly unique and undeniably captivating. It is a celebration of identity and heritage, reinterpreted for the modern age with a fearless, forward-thinking approach. This runway show did more than showcase clothing; it was a bold declaration of the power of fashion as an art form, a narrative, and a living, breathing entity that transcends time.


As the final model strode down the runway, the audience was left in awe, their senses alight with the fusion of fashion, art, and music. "Fagr Skjọldr" is not just a collection; it is a shield of beauty, a reflection of strength, and an emblem of the unyielding spirit of innovation. Mia Kjonerud has not only redefined Viking heritage but has also set a new standard in the fashion world, one that embraces diversity, fluidity, and the boundless possibilities of creative expression.