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MCQ’s Latest Rendition Icon FOAM - Exploring The Beauty Of Contradiction

Embracing the bounds of contradiction is the brand MCQ’s latest third icon (collection) FOAM which recently dropped making a buzzworthy impression in stores worldwide. The brand has gained inspiration from unwanted, adaptable items around the streets of London, exploring their creative juices by joining forces with Photographer Cosmo Webber behind the lens on an exciting collaboration with artist Sang Woo Kim and Louis Gibson to produce an out-of-this-world reinterpreted utilitarian workwear pieces for the “My Contradiction” campaign. With inspired architectural detailing, the brand MCQ takes us on a journey, bringing together the distinction between fabrics, patterns and lightness in heavy garments.

As the brand MCQ capture the insight behind the FOAM collection. The team uses their time to gather research by speaking to a selection of creatives for the campaign shoot such as Lancey Foux, Greentea Peng, singer/songwriter Don Eazi, Flohio, Bloody Osiris, Deba, singer Priya Ragu. They discuss in detail their perceptions they face in their lives and the beauty of contradiction. Whilst each person tells their personal experience. They start to reflect and evaluate on the oppositions that coexist amongst themselves.

Photographer Bloody Osiris explains his biggest contradiction is “If I’m outside taking pictures and random people are looking at me then I hide or stop shooting even though there are way more random people looking at me on Instagram”.

Joining the campaign shoot, you have the fun, creative model & social influencer Deba explaining her biggest contradiction is:

“I love to promote using our screens and social media less, but it’s definitely something I struggle to do”.

Deba feels there are other ways you can spend your time such as reading without being distracted by the frustrations of Social Media. She admits she loves to scroll up and down Tik Tok, Snapchat and Facetime as it is a way of knowing what everyone else is doing on the Social platform. It makes her feel more connected with everyone which we can all agree is a fixation and annoyance we have all faced from time to time.

While the singer & songwriter Don Eazi (Mr Eazi) discusses his connection with food. He explains:

“I feel I should be very regimented and very disciplined in what I eat but then I find myself eating whatever I want to eat and feeling I’ve got one life to live, so I better enjoy it”.

As we focus our attention on these creatives and how they have perceived contradictions in their lives, you suddenly realise, it is natural to continuously reflect and find the balance between situations that is opposite to one another. The brand MCQ has conveyed this balance in their Foam collection by showing innovative classic pieces such as a mixed knit crew top or denim puffer, displaying a reimagined look by using creative and inventive textures, distinctive construction, patterns and shapes amongst the streets of London.

MCQ’s FOAM collection is now available in 100 stores worldwide and including . This is not to be missed at any given time.

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