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Lacoste SS21 Campaign In A Global Celebration With Seven Creative Ambassadors Unite In Style

Delving into the world of collaboration is a melting pot of exploring, embracing ideas, getting to know people and different cultures along the way. In this case, that is the focus behind the crocodile logo that is the heart of the Lacoste brand.

Since the year 1933, the brand Lacoste has adapted itself to different styles and cultures. As the years have come and gone, many people have taken the time to wear the brand that has led to the achievement in reinventing itself and transformed the brand you see today on the high street. There are no limits with Lacoste. They picture themselves as a beacon for sharing their vision with others, celebrating what they know and love in the art of creativity.

With that in mind, the renowned brand has launched the new SS21 campaign, celebrating the passion they have for Lacoste fashion. Bringing the campaign together consisted of seven multi-talented global ambassadors, their sense of style fashion, creative character of flair wearing the Lacoste polo shirts. They were able to come together from the five fashion capitals New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and London, not to mention seven photographers. The young creatives were determined to step in front of the camera, inspire others and capture the wonders of collaboration and connecting as one across the globe.

Here at Lacoste, the SS21 campaign tells the story behind the cast of creatives captured by the camera lens in their surroundings of laughter and the great pleasures of friends and family around them and other creatives that have influenced and inspire. In this campaign, the Lacoste brand has earned the heart and core values behind the soul of the crocodile emblem. As humans, we all have some form of creativity embedded within us. Brands like Lacoste remind us combining creatives and cultures unite us as one family.

From all corners of the fashion capitals mentioned above comes the enchanted brilliance of these young creative talents like Peggy Gou, ASAP Nast, Evan Mock, Louise Bourgoin, Sonny Hall, Melanie Thierry, and Salif Gueye. Each creative has shaped the Lacoste brand in this year’s SS21 campaign.

The shots taken were relaxed and natural. The exact message the brand wanted to convey across their target audience. Each image captured in the home surroundings of the creatives wearing the renowned Lacoste polo shirt in various colours, suitable for both genders with the shining spirit of the crocodile emblem but at the same celebrating the cultural excellence of what makes Lacoste a renowned brand to know and love.

To introduce the collaborative of famous creatives representing Lacoste on their journey this season, see the shot taken by Vitali Gelwich in Berlin of a go-getter and DJ Peggy Gou wearing the staple Lacoste polo shirt with her crew of friends living life. Across to the UK, see the shot of poet and model Sonny Hall and his group friends walking the streets of London.

However, as they say, we always have Paris. The humble beginnings of the Lacoste brand. Nevertheless, the brand decided to produce three shots that stood out for the campaign. The first images captured was French actress Louise Bourgoin with friends taken by Quentin de Briey and actress model and muse Melanie Thierry amongst friends taken by Joshua Woods.

The last shot was by Ilyes Griyeb, taken of dancer Salif Gueye wearing the Lacoste polo shirt “dancing in the streets”, quoting Shalamar at this moment. In this shot, Gueye was with his three friends in Paris doing the most as they say and enjoying life to the fullest.

Across the waters, we fly to New York “the Big Apple”, where photographer Stef Mitchell captures talented skater, model and actor Evan Mock joining together with family members and friends posing in their Lacoste polo shirts. Across to the East side of California in Los Angeles, seen the shot taken of skater, model and actor ASAP Nast with his crew of friends showing the actor and Lacoste fan wearing crocodile emblem proudly as a symbol of self-expression photographed by Melodie McDaniel.

For the SS21 campaign, each creative has played a part and have told their story by representing the brand the best way they know how – being themselves. They all have passions in all they do. However, coming together, they believe in unity, family and pursuing one’s dreams. It symbolises the power and spirit behind the polo shirt that connects the combination and celebration of fashion, style, culture and generation of collectives as one.

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Words from Charlene Foreman

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