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Hair Stylist Cassie Carey's Artistic Expression Is Worth Watching

At one time or another, we stumble on the most talented and innovative people who are out of this world, which is why crossing paths with astounding hairstylist/artist Cassie Carey is such a blessing. She embraces her talent for anything colourful and patterned. Born and bred in New Hampshire, US, Carey started her journey by moving to New York and graduating from Beauty school in 2018. From an early age, Carey always wanted to be an artist. Drawing and painting is her first and foremost Art form. It allows her to express her talents extensively and display her body of work to her audience.

Usually, in drawing and painting, you need pencils, paintbrushes and paper. However, in Carey’s case, she decided to create her Art canvases on people’s hair as an aesthetic fascination to hairstyling. Her experimentation with the use of colour and pattern in hairstyling has led her to produce a breath-taking body of work that gives her audience a chance to see a collection of hair design in a new way.

For the past few years, her body of work has rapidly expanded to extreme lengths. It has provided her with the sole purpose to work with other talented creatives such as other makeup artists, stylists and photographers who see the potential in her work as much as she does.

Carey describes her work as wearable art that can take numerous forms and techniques used. In Carey’s case, her purpose is to create something different that allows her to go wild with her artistic expression. Standing out from the crowd with her wearable canvas has brought design work to life to highlight a modern approach to the art of hairstyling.

In her spare time, Carey enjoys the challenge of entering her collections of work into national competitions. In truth, this has led her to achieve a Newcomer Hairstylist of the Year for the North American Hairstyling Award, commonly known as (NAHA). She believes her creative hair skills and experimentation with vibrant colours and patterns captures a story. A story that is captivating to the eye yet conveys her vision and dedication to her work.

“I love making images in my head come to life and that goes for all forms of my art, explains Cassie Carey”.

She has provided her audience with the encouragement to follow their passion and create beautiful work from it. To enhance your personal expression and to acknowledge your craft as an artist.

Check out Cassie Carey's Instagram page and body of work below:

Words from Charlene Foreman

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