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Greentea Peng Delivers Her First Track of 2021 'Nah It Ain't The Same'

Ahead of her highly anticipated debut album this year, the self-proclaimed 'psychedelic R&B' South East London singer Greentea Peng returns with her first song of the year, a smooth Neo-soul/R&B track titled 'Nah It Ain't The Same' accompanied by a vibrant biophilic designed music video.

The song produced by Earbuds hears the singer express and explore her "utter confusion and inner conflicts amidst shifting paradigms” - Greentea Peng. The song delivers a mellow but entrancing rhythm perfect for listening to as we see brighter and sunnier days in the UK.

Directed by duo Machine Operated, the music video sees the songstress effortlessly displaying her everyday environment surrounded by plants in a home, the visuals then change to a London road and park setting lastly switching to a candle lit room with Greentea Peng herself performing the song alongside the live band 'The Seng Seng Family'.

GreenTea Peng's Debut Album 'Man Made' is set to release this summer. Watch the music video for 'Nah It Ain't The Same' below

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