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From Coventry To The States: Pa Salieu Makes His US TV Debut on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'

One of the UK's most exciting rising stars and emerging at the start of last year with an unforgettable single titled 'Frontline' that became the most played track of 2020 on BBC 1Xtra; the unparalleled rapper Pa Salieu has officially made his US TV debut performing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Photography by Zek Snaps

Featuring as a musical guest and performing 'Frontline' on the late-night show, Pa Salieu stepped out on a set meant to represent a Gambian street with a 'Tele-centre' and a taxi then, the second half switching to a darker more minimalistic set accompanied by a 'Kankuran'. The rapper undoubtedly managed to successfully start off his 2021 with a significant achievement! Seeing an artist from outside of the UK's capital being celebrated overseas conveys the diverse and varying sounds from the small Island and also shows a bigger picture of the talent in the UK as a whole.

The British-Gambian artist bounces from strength to strength with his discography and has displayed that 2020 won't be his only successful year. After the release of his various singles that proved his dominating and spirited character as well as delivering a distinctively original sound including 'My Family' and 'Block Boy' which contrasted to his conscious single 'Black' that exhibited a celebration of blackness and its influences on the world; the mass attention and deserved admiration surrounding Pa Salieu did not stop there.

'Send Them To Coventry' the name of his debut mixtape that derives from the English idiom "Send to Coventry" which means to ostracise someone and cast them out served as a deeper depiction of Pa Salieu's world and experiences. The versatility of this project highlighted the rappers ability to merge his voice with a range of sounds whilst giving a raw and powerful insight into his life.

Photography by Joshua 'Meeks' Williams

Labelling himself as a "Voice for the voiceless" Pa Salieu has garnered a platform for the marginalised, his journey from the West Midlands to the US as a formerly upcoming name and now establishing himself as a distinguished voice of the UK stands as evidence to his peers, his audience and the music industry as a whole that irrespective of being a novice or how new you are to a specific field of interest, having a sense of boldness and an enterprising persona no goal is too far out of reach.

Watch Pa Salieu's performance below.

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