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Face Ltd Reimagines Fashion Through A Sustainable Lense With New Collection.

Face is a creative concept store with a focus on footwear, fashion and collaborative design founded by CEO and shoe designer Sean Chimbani. Face is a fresh and inspiring label passionate about exploring different areas of design and creative arts, experiment with photography, film, movement, sound, virtual fashion and any other artistic avenue they find interesting and relevant to the overall vision of thier brand. Face is built around collaboration with independent artists at is core by celebrating the individuals involved with all aspects of the business and shine a light on creative talent. A message that resonates deeply with us at New Wave.

This mission statement makes way for Face's collaboration with Aya Fayad, a London-based Lebanese expressionist artist. In this collaboration we have explored the true meaning of ‘identity’. The collection is tilted “Where Is Your Face?”. This is a play of the theme of identity but also a play on words; loose face, give face, show face. This launch collection is made-up of 19 garments.

When recollecting the early stages of the collection Aya Fayad stated:

"We began this collection late 2019. Straight out of University, CEO Sean Chimbani began to question how people, including himself assert their identity and weather this is ever really a true reflection of who they are. Fashion is a huge part of the identity we display to others and so he began speaking with independent artists about a potential collaboration".

Aya Fayad’s abstract paintings that often feature macabre facial images have since become a central feature of the collection. Since the brands inception we have all lived-through a unique moment in history, an continue to do so. Covid-19 has left many people questioning who they are, why they’re that way and if that person is a reflection of who they want to be. The release of this collection in a few weeks feels like the perfect way to end 2020. As we enter into not only a new year but also a new normal, Faces as a brand is dedicated to approaching things differently.

"Like many young brands, we feel a responsibility to move fashion forward in a more sustainable way."

Some of the avenues Face is commented to exploring are Seasonality buy building their brand around individual collaborative collections and not complying with the rigurous and wasteful fashion cycle. The materials used are Upcycled into one of one pieces of wearable art. In terms of Qualitity Face is dedicated to consumers being invested in the purchases they make as the products are handcrafted and limited in number. Packaging from Face is made up of recyclable or biodegradable materials, creating a consumer experience that respects the enviroment. Also in the digital era, the brand is exporing the use of virtual fashion shows with the use of 3D software to reduce wastage incured by producing samples.

Given the current climate, Face decided to shoot an at home editorial. Creative director, Amelia Ellis wanted to share a glimpse of life at home with Face CEO Sean Chimbani. Home has felt like a beautiful luxury during this time. Despite feelings of being cooped up and stuck at home, it’s also filled us with a huge sense of gratitude to have a space we can create in, be comfortable and express ourselves. Home is often where we relax, let ourselves be free and a safe space for our identity away from the glare of outsiders. This time at home has given many of us a lot of headspace to deconstruct ourselves with little distraction. The at home editorial shows the garments modelled in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

for more information on Face Ltd, follow the brand HERE

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