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Designer Tristan Cole Kicks Off The Launch Of His Second Collection For Eco-Conscious Brand Atypic

Think back to a month ago when the talented designer Tristan Cole launched his buzzworthy debut collection titled Entropy under his Eco-conscious brand Atypic. Now, the young creative has proved he is here to stay, expand and make a statement by launching Drop 2 of his collection on Sunday 25th April.

If you can take away one thing from the drop two collection, it is his enthusiastic passion for improving environmental processes. It has been the brand’s core value to improving eco-conscious methods for the future. The creative talent persists in focusing his attention on using recycled material, 100% cotton textiles which he sources locally in Canada to produce his innovative pieces. At the same time finding new ways to use post-consumer waste by balancing out the fossil fuel emissions and CO2 used to create his clothing.

For the Drop 2 collection this time, the designer introduces a few more assortments within his bag of design tricks including the A.SABI zip hoodie and the A.SABI tote bag that curate looks for themselves, embraces self-expression and offers a streetwear-inspired collection that is worthy to the consumer.

For more insight into the new collection, Tristan Cole’s consistent expression with utilising the post-consumer product to better use is about getting his message across to his audience on how important it is to better and enhance environmental performances for future generations.

Bringing the collection together, he created an awe-inspiring campaign shot by artist Macy Kerrigan and stunning model Chloe Christian displayed above. They both captured Cole’s design aesthetic and reinterpretation that has expanded and developed from his first debut collection through to his recent drop two that will make an appearance today. We have seen little hints and tasters in the last couple of days on social platforms such as Instagram that has kept his followers, entertained, interested and knowing more about his concept vision behind his eco-conscious pieces.

Pushing the boundaries and discovering new and ethical ways to produce his innovative creations is something that comes naturally to Cole. The graphic designer/model strives to implement and encourage caring for the environment. However, at the same time, he ensures to proceed to do his part as an eco-friendly, exceptional enthusiast using good quality, design and meaning behind his vision for ethical fashion that has a purpose, speaks volumes and defines the industry moving forward.

Check out more below on the brand Atypic and here.

Words by Charlene Foreman.

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