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Britney Young's 'Run This Town' Is The Latest Addition To Your Playlist

Britney Young is an amazing young talent based in south London creating powerful records with effortless polish alongside her producer Cassius Clifford. After the great response from her first-ever record on streaming services '2038', Britney is back just a month later with another strong dance record with an infectious melody. When speaking to Britney about 'Run This Town' Britney tells us:

" Run This Town'is all about togetherness and having fun, but also knowing how to do certain things on your own, so that there's a healthy balance. There's also the aspect of being aligned with the universe and putting in the hard work to maximize the lengths one can go in life - the sky is truly the limit in a world like ours, and what it's become in regards to all the opportunities available to us."

The effortless sound of 'Run This Town' comes from the organic way the song came about during the recording process, Britney's inhouse producer Cassius Clifford looked to create some new energy rather than fine-tune previously recorded songs; I was in the mood to make a brand new song. When asked about this process, Britney explained

"Being present during the creation of the beat is so important to me because it makes it that much more authentic, I feel like that's when my favourite songs are made because I and Clifford are on the same page and I can say what sounds I like and what I don't."

Britney further stated; "Run This Town was made in twenty minutes or less, it was one of those moments when the creative energy around me is really high and everything is in sync and flowing accordingly, that's when I work best. I love the song and I hope others love it too, because I wrote it for the people."

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