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AELIZA Encourages An Individual Mindset Shift With New Ethos-wear T-Shirts

Founded by the Brixton native and creative director Jack Harper, AELIZA can be described as a deep search into existence.

Over the years, Harper built a solid reputation as the Artistic Director for A-COLD-WALL* and POLYTHENE OPTICS*. He since realised noticeable projects with fashion forces like Virgil Abloh, Mowalola or The Design Museum just to name a few. With Ethos-wear he comes with a different approach to Streetwear. Instead of the classic t-shirt components, you keep the same print back and front. Ethos carries the brand beliefs, it’s a mindset. It represents you as a person and the fact that you are no longer afraid of people's opinions on what you wear because you are what you wear.

For now, the collection proposes two colour ways, one black and one matte gold t-shirt. The Matte gold colour was selected as a message of self value. All T-shirts are made of a 290GSM Ultra knit cotton jersey. Plastisol screenprint symbol on the front. Tonal Puff print logo on the front.

Both pieces have sold out since their release just last week. The mindset change in the garments are represented by an individual symbol in a circle meticulously designed by Jack Harper, bringing purpose and meaning to details of the design such as its fluidity to its simplicity.

If you are looking for something unconventional, you should consider one of these as it may be the ones you wouldn't think of. for more information on Harper's ideas on AELIZA and ethos wear, listen to our podcast with Jack Harper here

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