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A-Reece Delivers A Sultry New Single Titled ‘Morning Peace’ Featuring J Jody

South Afrikan rap artist and producer A-Reece pairs up with Jay Dody in this mellow and romantic new offering. Carried by its smooth piano chord progressions and rhythmic percussion, ‘Morning Peace’ provides a laid back listening experience. In a melodic rap style the pair bounce back and forth between each other as they sing about avoiding conflict and feeling peace in the mornings with their lover. This track is a sneak peak of the vibes to expect in Reece’s upcoming mixtape titled ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory’ which is set to be released this month.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Morning Peace’, A-Reece says, “‘Morning Peace’ is about how you have your ups and downs in a relationship, and how you can get into a heated argument with your partner at any random time of the day, and it could be in the morning, when you both just woke up, so I speak on how I would rather wake up to making love to my partner, than arguing about something irrelevant. I would rather wake up feeling blessed than depressed – that was basically the whole concept behind ‘Morning Peace’, and as soon as I conceptualised that, I knew that Jay Jody was the perfect person to put on this, because him and I always have conversations about this type of stuff”.

His previous project ‘Reece Effect’ attracted over 2 million streams on Spotify while his previous two singles also touched over one million streams. This is a testament that his Afro-centric and hip-hop style has global appeal. With a mixtape currently in the works to be released, we are looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us!

Stream 'Morning Peace' below:

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