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10 Things We Love About: Dolapo

Dolapo - A name that belongs to the songstress who’s youthful, electronic-tinged adaptation of R&B has been taking the scene by storm. Since the start of her solo career, Dolapo has delighted her audience with a slew of infectious singles along with an impressive EP, entitled ‘A Short Love Story’. 

So, we spoke to the singer in the midst of her most recent release “It’s Alright”, to get to know her a little better.

We love how polished and vibrant your music videos are! - How important has crafting those productions been so far? I feel like this is as important as the music! We live in such a visual world, being able to translate the specific message or the feel a song gives the listeners is such a big deal. I feel like this is another way of showing them. I feel what you feel, I’ve been through what you’re going through. We love your song “It’s Alright” - Your confidence exudes throughout, when do you feel most confident? Thank you! Personally, I feel most confident when I’m on stage! I think the fact that I thought I would hate it at first because I’m so shy and I absolutely loved it!!! Now, I can’t get enough. We love your sense of style - Where does your inspiration come from and do you prefer being more casual or dressy?  I’m defo a casual babe! I’m not made for heels but will rock a pair if I reallllyyy need to. I can only dance for like an hour in heels, trainers... some fresh Air Force 1’s? I can go all night.  We adore your voice! - When did you know music was your calling?  From young to be honest, I sang along to any and everything like it it was my own song. Even down to the cassettes that would come in the hair relaxer kit for kids “just for me” I think it was called. I think college is when I really was certain that I wanted to make it my profession though. We love how versatile your sound is - Are there any genres you haven’t explored yet that you’d like to?   Definitely! I love mixing sounds and different influences together. So far I’ve experimented with Afro-swing and Trap in my music. I would probably try some dark pop/indie pop at some point or find a way to mix it in or hopefully collab with someone from that world.  We love how gorgeous you are - What’s your go to make up look?  SOFT GLAM ALL THE WAY!  A cute brown eye contour, a soft layer of foundation and my base, a cute little Nars blush, MAC chestnut lip-liner and nude pink lippy combo is also undefeated. We love the “A Short Love Story” EP - Talk to us about the inspiration behind it? And when can should we expect the next one? ASLS is my babyyyyy... The EP literally goes through every possible emotion in a relation from good times and the honey moon period with ‘I Swear’ to I’m over this with 'Something New'. I love that so many people found a song they could relate to on there. The next one is definitely on the way, hopefully soon. We love how organic your journey has been so far - What advice would you give to any aspiring artists? No one can want it for you more than yourself. Work the hardest and the smartest.  We love how you used emerging female talent from the UK - If you could choose two of the greats to create the ultimate collaboration, who would they be and why? Rihanna! Cause everything she sings comes to life. Koffee because her talent for such a young lady is undeniable. Plus me representing Nigeria! I think the song will provide endless vibes. We just love the aesthetic of your Instagram - How important is it for you maintain a presence online? And what are your go to editing apps?  Very important, it’s also the best way to stay connected with all of your supporters and visibly show them your influences and your personality too! My favourite editing app is VSCO... Never ever lets me down. Stream It's Alright below.

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