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Unveiling Eco-Friendly Brand ATYPIC Announces Its Debut Entropy Collection

In the past several years, multiple reviews have spoken about keeping our surroundings environmentally conscious. It has been a hot topic of conversation. As various industries move towards the future, many brands like the creative eco-friendly brand ATYPIC as it sets the standard to save energy, money, time, water to take eco-friendly approaches seriously, which will benefit businesses in the long run. Against all odds, these brands are doing everything they can to protect their surroundings and visualising a better future for the planet.

Nowadays, brands have made a conscious effort to make changes in their businesses. Implementing processes such as upcycling, reducing waste and the best practices of Circularity. Using materials repeatedly to save water, reducing waste and making use of long-lasting materials. The Fashion Industry still has a long way to go. Nevertheless, it is inspiring watching brands such as ATYPIC encourage these processes and taking ownership of their business model, making it their mission to do better and improve environmental performances.

Behind the creative brand is the talented Graphic designer Toronto-based Tristan Cole. Since 2018, he has made it his calling to see his established brand unfold. This black-owned label has a purpose to shine to the world.

Coming from his experiences within Fashion and Modelling industry, he has gained every lesson learnt, observed methods has shown his interpretation of pushing the boundaries in his brand with an impressive triumph so far. The thriving creative has made it his task to see his brand expand and develop to incredible great lengths as well as expressing his passion for creativity.

A few days ago, unveiling Cole’s brand ATYPIC, he takes the plunge and launches his debut collection titled Entropy. Bringing the focus of protecting the environment to the forefront of his business, Cole elevates his ability to share with us his unique blend of innovative graphics to the table as well as incorporating elaborate techniques that bring the label to life.

The brand’s ethos is about applying the Japanese existence of wabi-sabi - finding the beauty within and obtaining the imperfections of nature. Cole focuses his intentions on reducing carbon footprint in his pieces. His lessons have inspired others which leads the way to positive change in our surroundings.

Cole’s worth of extensive knowledge and skill as a graphic designer and model, he gathers the inspiration from the world around him and transfers his energy to producing this impressive debut Entropy collection, dedicated to the process and practises of primarily upcycled clothing as the norm for the future.

The collection consists of three inspired products like the A. Sabi denim jeans. It is 100% reclaimed recycled cotton, sourced in Canada. What makes it look so well is the paint treatment applied to the jeans to give it that unique finish. After multiple washes, there is a slight natural fade in the colour but at the same time still unveiling the natural colour of the denim. As the denim jeans have different denim patches, they will vary in each denim item produced, but the compositions and colour still stay intact after a few washes.

Cole continues to implement and minimise the carbon footprint and emissions within his products and still manages to align the brand’s core values with reality. With that in mind, to continue Tristan Cole’s Eco plan of action throughout his collection, you have the A.Shibari modular bag, created in two different colourways and acts as your storage system. The design features of the bags made are to allow the consumer to have extra storage space. For example, the main compartment of the bag and the front-zipped pocket that is useful, but at the same time still maintaining the fixed bag structure.

Furthermore, you have the A.Topo modular memory foam chair. Influenced by natural shapes, this bean bag chair portrays good quality, functionality and comfort. Tristan Cole is a force to be reckoned with, a new generation that sets the standard for future designers within Eco-Fashion.

See more highlights from the brand by clicking here.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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