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Timeless Jewellery Brand Phira London Makes A Daring Statement

Whilst the months have flown by, the mornings are brighter, and the evenings are lighter. It allows us to do more with our wardrobe, change things up, wear lighter clothes and colours whenever possible, even add statement accessories to our outfits to finish off the complete look. Sporting statement pieces that are mood-boosting and eye-catching such as a unique chunky bracelet, striking beaded necklace, eye-catching gemstone rings or even large hoop earrings that make a bold, trend statement to elevate your mood as well as your outfit.

Timeless jewellery brand Phira London is the perfect gift-to-self treasure to invest in and add to your jewellery box this Spring Season. The jewellery is made in London by friends’ duo Macdara Duncan & Eleanor Frankpitt in 2016. The brand has flourished to great lengths to achieve its mission, inspire and encourage the notion of equality by producing androgynous statement jewellery treasures suitable for both genders to wear.

The brand’s ethos is “not confined to women or men”. The duo wanted the opportunity for both genders to shine wearing their pieces, have fun sporting unique treasures that are suited to the individual, so they feel free to express their identity. The jewellery makes a daring statement to the customer portraying who they are through their appearance, which has helped establish the label's recognition and followers on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to great lengths.

The brand’s product consists of rings, necklaces, bangles and earrings to choose from at your leisure. Each product is crafted perfectly for those jewellery lovers. The jewellery is put together from a combination of recycled 925 sterling silver, 24ct gold and semi-precious stones to end the look with perfection like the Tiger Eye stone, black onyx stone, howlite oval stone and many more. Some stones have healing properties that protect us. To help you achieve confidence in yourself, clarity and to help you focus. You could say this is the ultimate contemporary piece of jewellery that you would want to carry around with you and stands out from the crowd.

Phira London prefers to keep things simple, achieving presentable classics that is made from long-lasting recyclable materials. They engrave each piece with a hallmark to notify their customer about the silver’s purity. The duo believes in following sustainable practices and production. They wanted to do their part for the environment and create luxury pieces of high quality and great value. It is about wearing a luxury, treasured piece designed to make a statement to last and ensure their product is not harmful to the planet in the completed form.

As the brand has grown, the talented duo has sought great jewellers who offered the duo guidance and support throughout their journey. They have produced fine craftmanship till this day that their customers will appreciate and buy again.

Wearing one of Phira London’s treasures is a trend worth to invest. These products are timeless classic pieces that has an aesthetic pleasure and is made to last forever and never go out of style even if you wear it in the daytime or night-time, going into the office or having lunch with a friend. It is a treasure that suits any occasion and brings a shine to finish off the look perfectly and adding a new addition to your collection.

To see more statement pieces from this brand, check out their Instagram here.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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