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Album: The Composer by Emmanuel Speaks

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After a very well thought out and elaborate push for this highly anticipated project, spanning over 14 months, The Composer by Emmanuel Speaks is finally released on all streaming services. The project is a 12 track offering that tells stories ranging from a coming of age narrative to expressing themes of relationships with a significant other and a relationship to a higher power.

On this project Emmanuel Speaks tells stories of his personal upbringing on songs like Fire and Rage II, one of our favourite songs from the project. He details his living situations as a youth and how that has shaped the man and the artist that he is now, he reflects on his accomplishments thus far but his delivery gives the listener a sense of his thirst for more. on this song he also speaks about the struggles of a single parent house hold. The airy sample of the song adds to the impact of the very personal song at a point of the album in which he calls 'Discovery'.

The strong body of work was accompanied by 3 short films for 3 key songs on the album, 'Who Told You' ft Te Dness, 'Sticking To The Plan' and 'Ojuelegba', a song that was impactful in breaking him into the music industry during his early stages.

The album definitely has heart wrenching topics and emotions attached to it, records like 'The Intro/Another Day' and Emmanuel's Prayer are perfect examples of his lyrical ability and clarity. However the album does have more lighthearted / melodic songs such as his latest single WDYM and Songs For You which both speak on the different mindsets of men with regards to how they relate to women, or THE woman, in their life.

Watch the WDYM Video Below:

The Composer LP is truly a journey of maturity, enlightenment and self-discovery. Speaks describes the album as "an odyssey from darkness to light - both in content and sound."

2018 has been a stellar year for the talented musician/poet, from Co Signs from major brands such as New look and Nike to conducting a Ted Talk, Having his own talk show with Mixtape Madness and winning an award for Poet Of The Year. The Composer LP is a brilliant start to what we feel may be an even bigger year for the artist..

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