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Tapwaterlucy Releases Dreamy Visuals To Her Debut Single ‘Loveblind’

Making a grand entrance to the scene is Indie-pop rising star Tapwaterlucy with her debut single ‘Loveblind’, featuring a newly released music video.

‘Loveblind’ was brought to life by two creatives jamming over zoom through the lockdown period. Co-produced by Tapwaterlucy herself alongside Moseph it includes musical elements that ring to her alternative/synth pop influences like Rina Sawayama, Brooke Candy and Caroline Polaceck. The entire production compliments Tapwater’s vocal display because of its simplicity, allowing enough room for her silky layered harmonies and the effortless maneuver between her range to shine through.

The video opens with a short skit where the star is diagnosed with ‘love blindness’, which she defines as being oblivious to someone’s toxicity because your view is distorted by love. The repartee continues as she is then prescribed ‘truth glasses’ and ironically, her rose-tinted veil is removed forcing her to see people as they truly are. Directed by Dora Paphides, the video pulls visual inspiration from the abstract style of electro-pop singer St. Vincent. Filled with satire and vintage glamour, ‘Loveblind’ is a gentle reminder that things aren’t always as they seem and to always try and face things head on.

Speaking on the release the singer shares: “When people listen to ‘Loveblind’ I just want them to have a good time. Maybe play it in the morning while brushing your teeth to get you in a good mood for the day. Lyrically I want people to understand that girl, if you wouldn’t accept that shit from literally anyone else, don’t let it slide just cause they have dreamy eyes. Know your worth!’

The Hackney-hailed artist began dabbling in production aged 17 after realising that she couldn’t rely on anyone else to capture the essence of her sound and style. Now aged 20 she is a self made artist who is keen on giving us a detailed sonic and visual experience.

Tapwaterlucy uses her music to spark dialogue around social norms and stereotypes all while drawing you into her make-believe world of fun colours and camp aesthetics. Pulling from drag culture is what inspired her to adopt the stage name ‘Tapwaterlucy’ and has pushed her to become her most confident self. This has evidently trickled down into her music and artistic expression as the video reveals the level of confidence that she has with her creative decisions.

Tapwaterlucy is here to push the boundaries of what it means to be an alt/pop artist today. Her debut single ‘Loveblind’ places her on the map of artists to look out for this year and we are looking forward to seeing what more she has to offer.

Watch the video to ‘Loveblind’ below!

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