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SV Speaks On his Drive & Ambition Aswell As Details On His Last 2 Projects

SV is a London based lyricist with an already impressive collection of music that has allowed him to tour the UK, alongside other budding talents in the music scene. SV is no stranger to releasing music as his catalogue dates back to 2017. SV has progressively fine-tuned his Jazzy and sample dosed sound along with braggadocious and descriptive lyrics of his life and journey through life. SV's musical impact began to reach new heights with the release on his 2018 project 'I Love You SV' which was a polished 6 song project, featuring smooth records such as Avril Lavigne and LA Bron, met with positive responses from listeners, as he began to piece together the core of his fan base. In December of 2019 SV released his next project titled 'SV Saved My Life' which begins in a cabaret club as the announcer calls SV to the stage, setting the tone for yet another well-produced and executed project with multiple highlights. We had the opportunity to speak to the talented musician on various topics, such as specific concepts behind some of his records, lessons from his time around UK rap icon Skepta and his upbringing that influenced his perspective on life and music.

Growing Up were there any other paths you wanted to take outside of music?

No, its always been music. From day one, nothing else. Never has been, never will be.

What was the clearest indication to you that music was your calling?

From the moment I listened to the Carter 3 in 2008. I just knew. Sometimes you just know, you know? It was just the only thing that felt real at the time, I was so fascinated. My fascination then morphed into an obsession and here we are today.

You have a track record of naming songs after popular figures, ‘Martin Luther V’, ‘Avril Lavigne’ and ‘LA Bron’ just to name a few, What do you think this says about your music?

I'm just so influenced by so, so much. When I’m able to turn these inspirations into music, its just an indication of how much I'm inspired by everyday I guess.

Your music seems to be a time capsule of your life at a certain time, what are your favourite things to pull inspiration from?

My life, past memories, places I've been, sports, fashion, girls (!), and older music.

On Dear Janet you say no one inspires you, how would you like to inspire others?

I didn’t necessarily mean it like that. The music movement from Nigeria right now is indeed very inspiring, be it rap, afrobeats, whatever. It's so inspiring in so many ways. That was directed at the less authentic folk. I am very much inspired by my peers. I want my music to make people feel. I want young kids to know that they can do this shit if they want. Fuck what anyone else thinks. Go rap, go skate, go do whatever you want.

We know you have a good relationship with Motherlan, how did that come about?

I’ve known Slawn for about 6 years now. When I started doing this music thing unofficially, dropping throwaways on soundcloud, he was one of the first niggas to say “oh, this guy is dope, and im going to support him”. I've also known Jamal for over a decade. We went to school together. I've met the rest of the guys over the past three years and they're all just so special man. So creative and adventurous. So many crazy memories lol. Shout out to all the dawgs at MTN.

You’ve also been around an Icon in the UK scene, Skepta, what have you learnt from him as an artist or in general?

Skepta is one of the pioneers of UK rap as we know it today. His ability and consistency is just so inspiring. You just want to keep going. To be in the game this long and maintain the support and love from listeners is really amazing. Skep is legendary man.

Coming up, what 3 artists would you say moulded your taste in terms of Fashion, Sonics and Lyricism?

Kanye West, Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator.

Your fan base responded very well to your project I Love You SV, do you feel like that project would be looked at as an ‘SV Classic’ in years to come?

Yeah, I do think so. That project came from a very deep place. I just had to flip the switch and make something REAL. I had been putting out some music that year and the year before. But one day I decided that I had to make a project that would mean something, with songs that you would be able to play forever. That’s what counts, legacy.

The album cover is also pretty iconic in our opinion, how was it made?

That is the great mystery.

One of your favorite songs on ‘SV Saved My Life’ is ‘Two Feet’, what was it like creating that song?

That song is probably one of my favourite songs by myself. The beat was very different when Alex Dugdale (GOAT) sent it to me, but I just kept dreaming up things and asking him to add it to the beat to see how it’d work. For instance, at first it had no drums, but when I knew the turn the beat would take lyrically, I just knew that it needed drums. I just felt like going mad raw on the lyrics. It’s probably my most aggressive/ expressive song ever.

It sounds like an ode to 2011 A$AP Rocky, was this intended?

Oh nah, but I do see the links now that you’ve pointed it out haha. Shout out to Rocky man. Incredible artist.

On the song you say ‘I’m just being honest’, who are you most honest to?

I try to be honest with everyone. Because I fucking hate liars

Your beat selection is very Jazzy/sample and piano influenced with heavy drums, what do you attribute that to?

It’s just what I came up on. A lot of my favourite rap songs growing up, be it by Wayne, Hov or Kanye are all produced by Kanye, and hes the sample GOD. That being said, a lot of the drums from back then are pretty outdated, and some of my favourite artists today like Cudi and Carti are really heavy on the drums, so I draw inspiration from them as well.

You went on tour with one of the biggest rising stars from the Alte movement Odunsi, what was that experience like?

Big shout out to Odunsi. The tour was incredible. Every city was an amazing experience. Different crowds, different settings but the love was all the same. Odunsi’s a great dude and his music is great as well. The final show in London was really something. Crazy experience all round.

On ‘Remember When’ you say ‘Silver spoon in my mouth, I promise I’ve never flew coach’. What was your upbringing like?

That bar is just testament to the fact that I didn’t have a difficult childhood financially. I’m lucky that my parents were able to provide everything for me and so much more. But that does not mean in any way that shit was sweet.I lived in Nigeria for 15 years. I had a great upbringing. Shout out to my parents. They kept me grounded but at the same time let me express myself creatively. I used to travel to London and New York twice a year so London’s always been home away from home. I moved here permanently about 5 years ago and life’s just been crazy since.

Where does your drive and ambition come from?

If I ever feel like I'm not the best at what I do or the best version of myself, I can't be comfortable in life. As much as this whole thing is about pushing culture forward together, I have an uncontrollable urge to improve everyday and be the best. It’s all about the big picture. I’m grateful for everything I've done but I'm never satisfied. Never complacent. That’s not how you get on the path of Jordan and Jackson.

What are you spending your time doing during Self Isolation?

Been meditating a lot, playing a lot of video games, working on the new project and really just enjoying some time off.

Where is the first place you are going when the ghost is clear?

To the barber man, my shits fucked up.

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