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Soulful Duo VanJess 'Slow Down' On Euphonious New Single

The entrancing contemporary R&B duo VanJess are back with a smooth alluring vibe filled single this year titled 'Slow Down' as part of their forthcoming project currently named 'V2'.

The 90's inspired sisters have unveiled their newest sultry single produced by Snakehips and Jonah Christian which immediately starts with a very recognisable sample. The tune's backing track features a remastered version of the 1992 multi-platinum hit 'Rump Shaker' by W-N-E (Wreckx-N-Effect).

Speaking on a complex relationship with a significant other that makes them feel like time is slowing down, the mood and total atmosphere of this song makes for the perfect late night drive vibe. The two seamlessly go back and forth with their verses executing a remarkable layered voice delivery.

With hopes that VanJess match the song with a 90's inspired music video fans can only assume from the single's cover that something exciting will be created. Until then, listen to their new single on Spotify/Apple Music and watch their recent Homegrown Sessions performance of 'High & Dry' below.

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