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Pierre Cardin's Addiction To Logomania & How It Shaped The World

As Post COVID times seem like a distant memory etched into our minds. Remember once upon a time, as we casually walked down London streets with nothing but clothing stores in our reach, filled with the luxury of mooching around the shops to our leisure, eager to see what is in the stores was the norm. However, has the mere fact ever crossed your mind to wonder how the idea came about, of taking a brand logo and repeating the wording across products we use in our daily lives such as clothing, accessories even homeware. This trend is known as Logomania.

While the World comes to terms with the sad news of the Legendary Couturier Pierre Cardin's passing. I decided to take the time to cast my mind back and reflect on what we all have learnt from the renowned designer who amazed us with his impeccable work. Pierre Cardin has inspired the fashion design of the Space Age and the Minimalism trend to a whole new level in the sixties that was never seen before during that time.

He was an extraordinaire of his generation with an abundance of talent who can see into the future. Some people would say he was light years ahead of his time and not afraid to go the extra mile to step out of his comfort zone and be daring. Known as the Fashion Designer of the Sixties, he was also one of the designers to start the addiction of the Logomania trend which has shaped the world on the catwalk as well as the high street for public viewing.

Even though the influential designer received his fair share of criticism by having his initials embossed across his work, he managed to change the concept of consumer culture in a whole new light by encouraging a platform for other designers to follow. A powerful trend that speaks for itself by showing the logo repeatedly on the outside for the world to see than on the inside of an outfit.

Fashion logos have been around for centuries. The term was taken from the Greek word “Logo” which mean “word”, “plan” or “reason”. The Logomania trend became a visual concept for consumers to recognise the brand/companies’ value and individual identity. To make a difference and stand out on the streets and provide a sense of belonging which enticed generations of consumers for the future.

Pierre Cardin once said:

“Why should I work only for rich people? I want to work for people in the street.”

To reach out to the public, he licenced his name which had gained him popularity and recognition. Hundreds of products had his name stamped from clothing and accessories to homeware. Still to this day, numerous brands have walked the same line such as Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Burberry and many more across the globe. Designers have created their version of the trend as a symbol of design signature identity and popularity.

The concept of using your brand logo repeatedly is a way for designers to communicate to the consumer directly, a more modern approach for products to be worn and seen. For example, Fendi’s upside down (F) logo, Burberry’s new monogram brand logo (TB) letters signifying the founder's name Thomas Burberry, Chanel’s interlocking “Cs” iconic logo displayed amongst clothes and accessories as recognisable trademark and let us not forget Louis Vuitton LV iconic logo on their authentic signature scarves.

Graphic Designer Milton Glaser said: “the logo is the point of entry to the brand”.

The Logomania trend has appealed to millions of people on the streets throughout the decades leading to present day. It has evolved and has been recreated in many ways by multiple prestigious designers over time and has developed the fashion design of consumer culture to extreme great lengths.

For decades, the Logomania trend has returned and evolved in many ways, continuously expressing the spirit and ethos of brands we know and love by revealing their personality and character which somehow connects us visually to luxury fashion and history of the brands we admire. I believe this trend will proceed further into the future and provide up-and-coming designers with a chance to create and showcase new and exciting ways to communicate and be pioneers of their generation.

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