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Pantee: A Pioneer In Sustainable Fashion & Their Mission To Encourage And Save Waste For The Better

Over the last couple of years, many brands have taken the time to look at better ways to improve their processes. Focusing their attention on sustainable approaches, they have encouraged others to follow better eco-practises for their business like reducing harmful chemicals, waste and carbon emissions whilst producing, transporting, packaging products. Following these approaches can eliminate any processes that will be harmful to the environment and the planet.

Introducing Eco-friendly brand Pantee, they have gone above and beyond to create the perfect selection of comfy women’s underwear made from upcycled t-shirts. Since their launch in the year 2020 during the Pandemic, they have created a range that consists of attractive bralettes, crops, bikini briefs (both high waisted and high leg thongs) in black and white colours plus more colours will be added to their palette soon such as rust and green shades. Created by women and dedicated to giving a woman who is always on-the-go that perfect fit and great support they need for any occasion.

Brands like H&M and Zara who are champions of keeping sustainability as their focus, have brought more sustainable options to their customers. So, they can make a conscious effort and apply it to the environment.

Encouraging the best practise for the future is a task. The underwear brand Pantee has made its mission to do their utmost best to continue with their contribution to Sustainable Fashion. Offering out comfy underwear essentials that are not only saving waste, but customers can invest in a product that has a longer life cycle.

When it comes to underwear, you could never have more than enough. As a consumer, you expect your underwear to look good, attractive, feel comfortable and possess good quality. In this case, Pantee carries all the requirements you need in women’s underwear and more. Yes, they have created pieces by using upcycled materials from cotton/elastane t-shirts. As we move forward, the brand has attained using other unwanted materials which will also be extremely useful in their production processes.

Each year around the globe, water waste from factory clothing productions is disposed of in the rivers and seas, causing harmful toxins like arsenic, lead and mercury harming marine life, the environment and people who live near riversides.

Let us not neglect, the amount of clothing waste thrown away each year. We should all be aware of waste, how it can have a massive impact on multiple industries such as the Fashion Industry as it is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. As the industry grows, more waste and water increase and environmental damages rise.

Statistics show 84% of clothing and other textiles end up in landfill or incinerated and 350,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes in the UK each year end up in landfill and a few clothing is recycled. It has made a massive impact on the environment and is very unhealthy for the planet. Supporting brands like Pantee is a great investment. They are taking an unwanted product and finding solutions to turning it into something that matters and at the same time raising awareness that products we wear matters to us and the planet.

Now in the Fashion industry, we can see, there are brands like Pantee who are willing to think outside of the box. Express their awareness and be supportive of saying NO to harsh practises and following better solutions to protecting the environment around us.

For Pantee, they are willing to act on change. A better change for the future and aim to following the carbon neutral process, saving energy and eliminating carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing for the better. Limiting the amount of waste and water that helps to create Pantee underwear. The need for reducing plastics amongst the supply chain process and using eco-friendly packaging whilst sending out the Pantee Underwear to their customers who support the cause.

Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

And this is what Pantee strives to be, a change in the industry that we should be aware of in our environment. Already building a massive following on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, Pantee is leading the way as pioneers in Sustainable Fashion. They continue to develop, learn more and reduce planetary impacts on their journey and sustainably build a better waste-free future in Fashion and improve solutions that supports the people and our planet.

To learn more about Pantee Underwear, click here to explore.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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