• Daniella Francis

Miraa May releases her EP 'Dark'

The singer-songwriter released her EP ‘Dark’ on the 26th July which embodies many relevant and meaningful messages. Miraa May throughout the EP touches on female empowerment, knowing your worth, being free and expressive, and not caring about other peoples’ insecurities and opinions. In this EP we learn about Miraa’s free-spirited and non-conformist nature. Miraa May’s smooth vocals and melodies are both soothing and warm. We see a combination of innocent soulful vibes pieced with lyrics that convey boldness, and ‘standing her ground’. Tracks such as “What I Smoke”, expresses a deviant and free-thinking persona whereas “No Shame”, shows Miraa’s determination and her hunger for success. We begin to become acquainted with Miraa until we play “Angles”, and we’re given a subtle reminder that “We don’t know her angles”. Miraa’s capabilities are endless with her multicultural influences her sound is fresh, unique, eccentric and unpredictable. Miraa May’s vibe on this EP is incomparable pieced with content that is relatable – Mira is shaping her own lane and we’re here for the ride!

Listen to 'Dark' EP and let us know your thoughts!

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