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MCQ Launches Their Innovative Eyewear Line With Duncan London

The creative community MCQ which is a part of the fashion house Alexander McQueen, was launched in September 2020. The particularity of the brand is that there isn’t an artistic director behind but creative minds. And now, is about to release an eye wear collection by the end of this month. This capsule result of the collaboration between the creatives, Sarah Small and Duncan London. This is not the first time that the organisation teamed-up with the talented Duncan. Multi-award winning director, he directed the video for the launch of the brand.

The innovative and creative designs of the collection is the subtle touch of fashion for everybody. The shapes, colours and details give you options such as the Gender neutral or coloured UV-protectives. All made from sustainable materials, the organisation is very aware and committed to sustainability by using innovative materials as much as possible. The brand showcases their values to the consumer.

As the fashion industry gets more conscious everyday, paying close attention to the impact on the environment it remains important to make a change. From the confection process to the product reception and packaging, MCQ makes sure to satisfy their consumers in a responsible way.

The collection will be available on their website by the end of February. Visit their website for more information and to make your selection from their wide range of shades.

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