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Louisa Ballou - Her Endless Love For Prints

Charleston US-born designer Louisa Ballou has an abundance of endless love for her beautiful prints, creating striking feminine designs with conviction for the confident woman. The brand provides luxury swimwear by offering a selection that radiates numerous brim of colours and prints in a modern way. She has portrayed the ultimate perfect swimwear for the summertime ahead for those holiday gallivanters.

The brand has developed and blossomed. It has grabbed tremendous attention amongst celebrities such as Bella Hadid and R’n’B singer SZA as they take their looks to the centre stage of Instagram, presenting colourful, vibrant swimming costumes with cut-out detailing. It has been an incredible outcome for the brand by taking things to the next level in this luxurious swimwear, ready to take these style looks to the beach.

We may be in Lockdown for the next few months and adjusting to the frustrations of working from home. On the other hand, for some of us who like to look a couple of months ahead, book a possible getaway in advance are in the mood for screaming, vibrant colours and graphic prints. Then Louisa Ballou’s swimwear would be the ultimate style investment.

Since a young age, the talented designer has always had a passion for creativity. And with the love and support from her family, she was able to push her creative talents, enjoying the freedom to experiment with print and explore her passion in Fashion further.

As she studied Fashion and Print Design at the renowned College of Central Saint Martins in London, she began to build and expand on her craft, giving her the courage and determination to start her journey to put together her brand. As time went on, she was able to gain an extensive amount of experience working for the renowned brand Loewe in Paris and Menswear Surf-wear brand Vissla in California.

From her graduate Surf-wear Collection Sex Wax at Central Saint Martins, she felt this was the time to take her passion and interest for swimwear and approach it differently. She provided her customers with a strong sense of confidence to wear the one-of-a-kind pieces that gained her recognition. From 2019, the Louisa Ballou brand was born.

Along the way, the brand has gained an extensive list of clients such as Browns Fashion, Online stores ShopStyle, Farfetch and SSense. Creating her pieces, she shared her love of the water, swimming and surfing through her collections. With this, she emphasized the brand’s first and foremost signature identity. It was proved incredibly influential for the brand.

For her latest SS21 collection, the signature explosion of colour and beautiful graphic prints has pushed the envelope and combined her influence with surfing culture. Showing effortlessly striking, one of a kind tropical prints that give a beach impact for the customer and offering a glimpse of the tropical island life.

These pieces consisted of all-in-one piece with the cut-out detailing, mesh bodycon dresses, asymmetric cuts, double ring miniskirts, and floral print swimsuits, bringing the brands ideal customer to a new and improve look for women's swimwear.

Her mission is to offer innovative luxury swimwear, different and unique from any other swimwear brand on the market. A product that captures every inch of the female form, the product can be styled in different ways, making you feel great and confident about yourself. One look at Louisa Ballou's work is the products are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but expresses enticing shapes and powerful bright graphic prints that exudes character and bring her inspiration of water to life.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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