• Megan Warrender

Listen to: Lava La Rue - G.O.Y.D

Psychadelic RnB icon Lava La Rue released the queer anthem produced by Vegyn, featuring vocals from Clairo earlier this month, and we still cannot stop listening

G.O.Y.D, - Girl Of Your Dreams - is a twinkling safe space exploring queer love in a time of isolation. Lyrics such as "I can feel the tension even when we're not together, even when we talk on facetime" deeply resonate as many people find themselves on the long-distance chirpse, particularly within the LGBT+ community.

Speaking on the visuals for the track, Lava La Rue states: "The G.O.Y.D. visual was created using submissions from the Summer Of Love 2.0 movement. The Summer Of Love 2.0 is a DIY one-time audiovisual project that surrounds the concept of the fluidity of love in times of isolation. I invited people to submit videos loose and far on the concept of "The 2020 Summer of Love"."

A portion of the proceeds from “G.O.Y.D.” will be going directly back to the community, through For Our Sibs, a collective that centres Black trans, non-binary, GNC and intersex folks, which you can donate to here.

We can't wait to see what comes next, but in the mean time, watch their Colours session from 2019 below:

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