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Landel Drops Off His Jazzy R&B & Hip-hop Influenced EP Titled “The Sunset”

Today, Birmingham hailing singer and songwriter Landel, has delivered a six-track EP - “inspired by love, soul searching and sunshine,” entitled The Sunset.

Stemming from an videography and direction background; Landel has been patiently waiting behind the scenes for his moment in the spotlight. Since a lane switch, which found him cruising down the artist route the singer has spent his time perfecting his craft and honing in on his current sound which pulls on the sweetest, ambient and soulful components of Jazz, R&B and Hip-hop. 

Jumping into The Sunset EP - which combines twinkling piano imprints, languid lofi-beats, rich sax moments and simplistic lyrics mixed with his sweet vocals that display a romance-charged consciousness from an account of his  Spring 2020 experience. 

The project opens with “Love, Hugs & Kisses”, a reflective and romantic tone-setter which is backed by an intricate ambience comprised of subtle guitar plucks and whimsical flute riffs beneath the snaps and hisses of it’s percussion filled foundation. Next is, “Somethin’ New” a smooth R&B joint punctuated by Landel’s sweet, lucid lulls over another intricate backdrop laced with synth instrumentation. Following is one of the artist’s favourites - “Moonlight Aura” featuring SiegeTheKnight and ySo?, this track delivers a darker aura thanks to it’s boombap beat backing which is adorned by piano flutters and jazzy saxophone impressions that couple with Landel’s descriptive rhymes and his collaborators complementary contributions paints the perfect moonlit moment.  The last half of the features “Pineapple Juice”, a catchy late night soundtrack which depicts the perfect chill session. “House On The Hill Dreams” featuring Xeni - another artist pick, a mellow record which hankers on the singers hopes for the future and longs for the comforts of his past. “Cruise” - the final song, a breezy offering which mentally transports you to a drop-top drive as the sun goes down, the perfect way to close the project. 

Stream The Sunset EP here and on Apple Music!

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