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Lancey Foux - Today Or Tomorrow

The Unpredictable artist that is Lancey Foux is back with new music and a visual to match. After the release of his well received project Piink II in 2018, Foux has continued to feed his fans with a string of new singles such as Intro, Dreams and Siccadilly Circus. His constant motif of psychedelic and sporadic visuals are maintained on this new release, directed by Psyke.

Lancey showcases his talents and unpredictable vocal reach on this new record over a boncey, 'video game like' instrumental. he uses this record as a musical piece to address the topic of people looking to interact with him when the

y may have nothing to offer.As the song progresses he speaks of his success and his influence, especially in the city of London, He speaks of a time when he was shy and when his stardom didn't shine as bright as it does at this current time.

With the array of hard hitting loosies that Lancey has been on offer, could a new project be already on its way? and what are your favourites since the release of Piink II? Listen to Today or Tomorrow below! Comment your thoughts below also.

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