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LA Luxury Bespoke Brand Rabot Introduces Women Empowerment In Ethical Fashion

Across the Atlantic in sunny Los Angeles (City of Angels), we witness the release of ethical contemporary brand Rabot. Pronounced “Rah-Beau” kick-started in 2019 by founder Jacqueline Rabot.

The brand express female empowerment through a project the brand has put together that entails a movement dedicated to encouraging and nurturing female creativity. This includes activists, photographers, stylist and designers of Los Angeles manifesting and providing support to one another through everlasting friendships.

Defining the term women empowerment has power within itself. It is a chance to amplify your voice and understand our rights as a woman but challenges us to do better. We have a right to air our views and beliefs like our male counterparts. Acknowledge and embrace our self-worth is the most satisfying feeling no matter the life choices, education, race, or culture.

Producing luxury, non-binary sustainable ready-to-wear is pivotal to the core of the brand. Featuring bespoke, long-lasting high quality combined with a direct approach to an exuberant and fun sense of fashion as each piece has a story to unravel to the brand audience.

Rabot pieces consist of exclusive one-of-kind feminine shapes such as engaging silk pants sets, silk shirts, influenced 1970s patterns in vivid vintage materials from synthetic to natural fibers including silks, tencel, cotton and linen displayed throughout the brand collections.

Unlike many other brands that began their business in the year 2020, Rabot was one of them. They continue to persevere during the harsh realities of the pandemic that we have faced during this lifetime.

With that in mind, the Rabot team of women were 100% determined to kick start their ethical business on the right track. One of Rabot's vital goals is giving back to the environment and the planet. They continue to support nearby artists, charities and communities.

Moving forward, they are working on achieving their objectives and creating pieces from 50% unwanted deadstock using customary natural dyes like tea, turmeric, madder root and many more. Each collection of the Rabot brand is working towards the future to minimise additional waste to shape the sustainability aspect of the business that is important to the team.

In the coming times, there are open questions as to what our future will bring. However, founder Rabot focuses their energy positively and making choices to what is best for the brand, their target customers and produce long-lasting cutting-edge fashion that has a future.

See and learn more about the brand Rabot, click here to the Instagram page and their website.

Words by Charlene Foreman.


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