• Elle Evans

Julian Mika Is Blowing Up Your 'LinkPhone' In Debut EP

Julian Mika has released his brand new Debut Ep entitled LinkPhone.

Born in Rome to a Sicilian mother, Julian moved from city-to-city throughout his childhood before settling in the UK at aged 10. His turbulent background and constant reintroduction to different, unfamiliar cultures and societies caused him to have a warped view on life, often feeling like an outsider looking in. With this perspective that always let him see things from a step back, Julian turned to music as a vice for his unique thoughts. Following up from the recent release of his featured single Ferrari, the highly anticipated LinkPhone EP has finally arrived. Consisting of 5 tracks, the EP touches on he benefits and damages of modern-day communication while using his signature ethereal flavours to showcase it. LinkPhone toys with the symbolism of a typical ‘burner phone’ representing the simple yet needed link between Julian and his audience. Not only this but it also symbolises the function of what phones are used for at the core, conversation, without distraction from anything else (social media) and Julian wants this to be represented while listening to ‘LinkPhone’. Listen to LinkPhone below.

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