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Josie Man Releases Debut Single "Colours"

Josie Man has just released her brand new debut single entitled Colours alongside visual treatment.

South London based musician Josie Man hails from both Hong Kong and Orpington. Being one of four daughters, growing up Josie was fairly shy but proudly built her own unique image, donning her trademark chunky trainers and numerous earrings and becoming a colourful and captivating individual with ‘a million me’s’. Colours is a sumptuous Pop anthem that cites confidence in our differences. Bringing back a feel of nostalgia, Colours showcases element of a teenage ‘rom com’ bedroom vs Stars In Their Eyes-esque cinematography. The song channels those feelings of diving deeply, willingly and helplessly into a crush, wanting nothing more than for them to accept you for who you are and vice versa. Speaking on her debut release, Josie stated “This is my debut single, “Colours” and this song is very special to me as it's about people not accepting who I am, what I stand for, how I choose to express myself and how people, in everyday life, should be kinder and more open minded. I came up with the treatment by taking from my real life experiences of people laughing at me and what I wear, and I turned it into something more playful. The cast of the vid are my family and friends which made turning my ideas into reality even more fun, my Dad is actually also in the back of the dragon costume. I want to show people that it's okay to be yourself and this video is my way of doing that.”

Watch the visuals to Colours below.

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