• Daniella Francis

Jords Releases Powerful New Single ‘Black & Ready’

After dropping ‘Almost An Adult’ in May, Jords is back with his thought-provoking and powerful single ‘Black & Ready’. With the recent yet ongoing display of violence and systematic racism towards Black people especially in UK and US, Jords invites listeners to take-in his own experiences, thoughts and opinions. Listeners hear protesters chant “Black Lives Matter” over the mellifluous production, and with Jords’ potent tone he lets us know that he is ‘Black and Ready’!

“They're killin' people in the States. There's people gettin' killed on our estate.”

“If you're killin' us with violence, why should we be killin' you with kindness?”

“I'll give you respect when you give us the time of day. Just an angry black man tryna find a way.”

Check out Jords’ single 'Black & Ready' below!

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