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Iyamah Continues The Story With New Project "Truth EP.2"

Iyamah, the Brighton born Neo-Soul singer has released her highly anticipated 10 track EP, Truth EP.2.

The opening track "Cryptic Love Poem (prt2), is a 46 second heartfelt ode to the type of individual the project is dedicated to, "the ones who speak their mind through the madness, the black sheep, the ones who never fit in cause trust me, you're blessed to be different".

Proceeding that is the well received single, "Work," a jazz-inflicted song that goes beyond being a song of female empowerment, but one that Complex described as a song that has "a deeper message of self acceptance and learning to love who you are”. The EP is riddled with messages of guidance and wise words, with tracks like "Balance" encouraging listeners to find the peace in the waves of hectic ways of the world. Her vocal strength and capabilities is also demonstrated through ballads such as "Flowers" that come later in the EP.

Truth EP.2 is a follow up of her initial project and is the second part of the story told in Truth EP.1. She is also due to perform a socially distanced show at Jazz Cafe, where she is to bring the EP to life.

Truth EP 2 Tracklist

  1. Cryptic Love Poem, Pt. 2

  2. Shoulda Woulda

  3. Won’t Work

  4. Get To (Interlude)

  5. Balance

  6. KYWK

  7. The RTSD (Interlude)

  8. Flowers

  9. No Responsibility

  10. Home

You can listen below.

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